Mock Trial started in 1985 at Drake University Law School. It functioned as a method of teaching undergraduate students about the work of trial attorneys and fostering an understanding of the judicial system.

In a Mock Trial round, three attorneys and three witnesses deliver prepared speeches and present testimony of the given case. The opposing side does the same. Both sides are scored by judges on their presentations. In accordance with the fostering of critical thinking and communication skills, objections, case law, and evidence are all used to prove the validity of arguments.

Truman State University’s Mock Trial organization holds tryouts in the fall to select students for the team. The group then typically┬ádivides into two teams, each consisting of eight to ten members. We participate in various scrimmages and competitions until the regional competition. Regionals begins the last weekend of January and continues throughout the month of February. From there, teams can advance to Open Round Championships (ORCs), and then to Nationals.

To learn more about college Mock Trial, please visit the American Mock Trial Association Website

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